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Emulation of complex optical phenomena at Radio Frequencies – Analog Computing

Concept of emulation experiments: A fluorescent molecule, conjugated to a nanoparticle (top), is emulated with a dipolar RF antenna, next to a ceramic ball (bottom).
The far going goal is to develop the large scale analog physical simulator, able to model, predict, and engineer dynamics of complex nano-scale photonic processes. The key approach is to employ scalability of Natural laws in respect to a dimensionless parameter.

Radio physics and engineering is the well established area with long successful history back to the beginning of 20th century.  Majority of electromagnetic phenomena could be described from the prospective of Maxwell’s equations. Ability to solve them either analytically or numerically is the key for understanding and designing electromagnetic applications.
Recent achievements in modern electrodynamics, partially related to the emergent field of metamaterials, enable addressing variety of complex fundamentally important phenomena by performing emulation experiments. Here we propose to take a new qualitative step in employing the scalability of fundamental laws of nature and investigate the platform for emulation of complex dynamical process, challenging for direct modeling and observation. Scaling up of systems’ physical dimensions makes their fabrications and measurements being straightforward and gives enormous advantages for detailed investigations.

From the scientific stand point ‘Analog Simulator’ approach brings the innovative concept of large scale physical solver, coming to analyze complex micro- and nano-scale processes. From the engineering standpoint, it enables performing designs of complex systems, challenging for direct numerical analysis and experimental verifications. In support, it is worth drawing the analogy to quantum computers, proposed by R. Feynman and aimed (in part) to predict and engineer dynamics of quantum systems. ‘Analog Simulator’ is aimed to solve complex physical scenarios, hard or even impossible for detailed numerical analysis. 
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