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Столяров Василий Сергеевич

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Stolyarov Vasiliy Sergeevich - Senior Research Scientist and Deputy Head, assistant professor.
Hirsch index (by Scopus) = 10

e-mail: vasiliy@travel.ru


1989-1999 school

1999-2005 Student of the National research nuclear university "MEPhI" on a specialist of «superconductivity and nanotechnology»

Research experience:

2005-2009 PhD at the ISSP RAS Laboratory of superconductivity

2009- to the present day The scientific employee of ISSP RAS Laboratory of

superconductivity and Sector of Nanolithograpy.

2009- to the present day Scientific researcher of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Institut des Nanosciences de Paris.

2010- to the present day Senior Lecturer of Moscow State University

2012- 2014 PostDoc at ESPCI ParisTech and INSP UPMC Sorbonne University (CNRS)

2013- to the present day Scientific researcher Kazan Federal University

2014- to the present day Senior Research Scientist and Deputy Head of Laboratory of Topological Quantum Phenomena in Superconducting Systems at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Master Diploma VCB N° 0527847, of the National research nuclear university "MEPhI". 30.03.2005. The title of the diploma work: “Contact-free determination of the current voltage law parameters for melt-textured YBCO superconductors in orthogonal magnetic field” thesis advisors: Prof. L.M. Fisher and Dr. V.S. Kruglov 

Diploma of European School On Nanosciencs & Nanotachnology (ESONN), Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble 

Doctor of Science  Diploma DKN 185465, of the Institute of Solid State Physics RAS, (date of PhD defense:  October 2, 2012) Ph.D. thesis: « Investigation of Josephson junction with tunnel and ferromagnet interlayers» thesis advisor: Prof. V.V.Ryazanov

PostDoc position at INSP UPMC Sorbonne University, and ECPCI  Paris 2012-2014 Project ANR "ElectroVORTEX" advisors: D. Roditchev and T. Cren. 

Qualifications and skills/Research experience:

 I have extensive knowledge and expertise in the following areas: 

·         Maintenance and improvement of cryogenic equipment

·         Low temperature experiments (transport measurements in high magnetic fields)

·         Operation of scanning electron microscopes

·         Operation of Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes

·         Operation of Atomic Force Microscopes

·         Operation of cryogenic measurement systems (liquid He4 Cryostats, Oxford helium optical continuous flow cryostat. Closed cycle optical cryogen free cryostat: Montana instruments, experience with He3 inserts)

·         Low-voltage measurements (in the nanovolt range)

·         Photolithography and photo-masks design, ultrasonic wire bonding, clean room experience

·         Thin film deposition by vacuum thermal, e-beam and magnetron evaporation methods (resistive heating)

·         Mechanical and electrochemical polishing of single crystal surfaces

·         Magneto-optical imaging


elementary knowledge:

·         Electron beam lithography

·         STM/AFM equipment

·         RF and DC sputtering

·         Operation of SQUID devices, low noise measurements with SQUID voltmeter

·         Operation of the transmission electron microscope

Special Computer skills:

·    Data acquisition (LabView programming)

·    Analysis, simulation and modeling (MatLab, Mathematica, SPIP, Origin)

·    Presentation (LaTeX; PowerPOINT)

·    AutoCAD design

·    SolidWorks design


Research interests:

The Josephson structure and research of these structures with scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM, SNOM). Superconducting and ferromagnetic nano structures on surfaces of semiconductors and insulators. low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy. Designing of the new highly technological equipment. Fabrication of mesoscopic SN- and SF- hybrid structures via e-beam lithography and magnetron evaporation, transport measurements in magnetic field at low temperatures (in dilution fridge). Investigations of Topological Insulators.

Activity: Research of spatial distribution of Local Density of State of a superconductor on SF, SN borders and topological insulators with the help STM/AFM at low temperature and ultra high vacuum.

Link of Vasiliy Stolyarov web-page in Scopus:

Link of Vasiliy Stolyarov web-page in WoS:


Contacts: MIPT, Laboratornyi building, rooms 123, 122, 124a, 125b, 126.

Telephone: +74987446549

Publications 2014-2015:

V. Cherkez, J. C. Cuevas, C. Brun, T. Cren, G. Ménard, F. Debontridder, V. S. Stolyarov, and D. Roditchev. Proximity effect between two superconductors spatially resolved by scanning tunneling spectroscopy, Physical Review X, 4(1):011033, 2014.

V. S. Stolyarov, T. Cren, F. Debontridder, C. Brun, I. S. Veshchunov, O. V. Skryabina, A. Y. Rusanov, and D. Roditchev. Ex situ elaborated proximity mesoscopic structures for ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling spectroscopy, Applied Physics Letters, 104:172604, 2014. 

L. S. Uspenskaya, A. L. Rakhmanov, L. A. Dorosinskii, S. I. Bozhko, V. S. Stolyarov,and V. V. Bolginov. Magnetism of ultrathin Pd99Fe01 films grown on niobium, Materials Research, 1(036104), 2014.

A. S. Vasenko, S. Kawabata, A. Ozaeta, A. A. Golubov, V. S. Stolyarov, F. S. Bergeret, and F. W. Hekking. Detection of small exchange fields in s/f structures, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2014.

G. C. Ménard, G. Sébastien, B. Christophe, P. Stéphane, V. S. Stolyarov, D. Franois, M. V. Leclerc, J. Etienne, C. Laurent, R. Dimitri, S. Pascal, and C. Tristan. Coherent long-range magnetic bound states in a superconductor, Nature Physics, 2015.

D. Roditchev, C. Brun, L. Serrier-Garcia, J. C. Cuevas, V. H. Bessa, M. V. Milošević, F. Debontridder, V. S. Stolyarov, and T. Cren. Direct observation of josephson vortex cores, Nature Physics, 2015

I. S. Veshchunov, S. V. Mironov, W. Magrini, V. S. Stolyarov, A. N. Rossolenko, V. A. Skidanov, J. B. Trebbia, A. I. Buzdin, P. Tamarat, and B. Lounis. Direct evidence of flexomagnetoelectric effect revealed by single-molecule spectroscopy, Physical Review Letters, 115(027601), 2015

А. А. Капустин, В. С. Столяров, С. И. Божко, Д. Н. Борисенко, and Н. Н. Колесников. Поверхностная природа квазидвумерных осцилляций Шубникова-де Гааза в Bi2Te2Se, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (JETP), 148(1), 2015.

И. В. Росляков, И. В. Колесник, К. С. Напольский, А. П. Карелин, С. М. Миронов, В. С. Столяров, В. Н. Суртаев, and О. А. Саяпин. Развитие сенсорных технологий и техники мониторинга взрывоопасности углеводородо-воздушных смесей, Научно- технический вестник ОАО НК Роснефть, (4):85–89, 2015.

Conferences 2014-2015:

Magneto-Optical Imaging and Manipulation of Abrikosov Vortices (Стендовый)

Авторы: Veshchunov I.Magrini W.Mironov S.Trebbia J.B.Stolyarov V.S.Buzdin A.Tamarat P.Lounis B. 

The 11th International Conference on Materials & Mechanisms of Superconductivity (M2S) CICG, Geneva, Switzerland 23 - 28 August 2015, Женева, Швейцария, 23-28 августа 2015

Vortex confinement in nano-scale superconductors (Устный)

Авторы: Roditchev D.Cren T.Brun ChMiloshevic M.Cuevas J.C.Serrier-Garcia L.Debontridder F.Stolyarov V.S.

The 11th International Conference on Materials & Mechanisms of Superconductivity (M2S) CICG, Geneva, Switzerland 23 - 28 August 2015, Женева, Швейцария, 23-28 августа 2015

Proximity effect and vortex matter in superconducting heterostructures: A STM/STS study (Стендовый)

Авторы: Cren T.Brun C.Serrier-Garcia L.Stolyarov V.S.Debontridder F.Cuevas J.C.Henrique V.Bessa L.Miloshevich M.V.Cherkez V.Menard G.,Roditchev and D.

Localization, Interactions and Superconductivity, Chernogolovka, Россия, 29 июня - 3 июля 2015

Vortices at the surface of a normal metal coupled by proximity effect to a superconductor (Приглашенный)

Авторы: Cren T.Brun ChDebontridder F.Veshchunov I.Stolyarov V.S.Skryabina O.Baranov A.Bo LuGolubov A.Kupriyanov M.YuRoditchev D.

Advances in Studies of Superconducting Hybrids: Theory and Modeling vs Experiment, Arcachon, Франция, 16-20 мая 2015

Surface states of a 3D topological insulator: effects of a hexagonal warping and mass

Авторы: Repin E.Stolyarov V.S.Cren T.Brun C.Bozhko S.I.Yashina L.V.Roditchev D.Burmistrov I.

Workshop Quantum Matter and Quantum Devices, Delft, TUDelft, Нидерланды, 29 апреля - 1 мая 2015

Vortexes and proximity effect in superconducting heterostructures: A STM/STS study

Авторы: Stolyarov V.S.Brun C.Cren T.Debontridder F.Roditchev D.

Workshop Quantum Matter and Quantum Devices, Delft, TUDelft, Нидерланды, 29 апреля - 1 мая 2015

Monolayer superconductivity studied by Scanning Tunneling Spectrocopy

Авторы: Brun ChristopheLise Serrier GarciaDenis FokinVladimir CerchezStolyarov V.S.Tristan CrenStéphane PonsFrançois DebontridderDimitri Roditchev

International School and Workshop on Electronic Crystals ECRYS-2014 , Cargèse, France, Франция, 2014

Джозефсоновские переходы с нанонитями в качестве слабой связи

Авторы: Скрябина О.В.Егоров С.В.Напольский К.С.Гончарова А.С.Батов И.Е.Рязанов В.В.Столяров В.С.

6-ая Всероссийская конференция "Микро-,нанотехнологии и их применения" им. Ю.В. Дубровского, ИПТМ, Черноголовка, 2014

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