Публикации лаборатории с августа 2020 г. / Laboratory's publications since August, 2020:

(Полный список публикаций каждого из сотрудников лаборатории можно найти, нажав на изображение сотрудника здесь.)

[12] N. Il’in, A. Aristova, O. Lychkovskiy, Adiabatic theorem for closed quantum systems initialized at finite temperature, 
accepted to Phys. Rev. A (2021)  arXiv:2002.02947

[11] Walter Hahn, Boris V. Fine, Attraction Induced by Mutual Quantum Measurements of Velocity, AIP Conference Proceedings 2362, 040004 (2021) ,  

[10] T. V. Pyrkov, K. Avchaciov, A.E. Tarkhov,  L. I. Menshikov, A. V. Gudkov, P. O. Fedichev. Longitudinal analysis of blood markers reveals progressive loss of resilience and predicts human lifespan limit. Nature Communications 12, 2765 (2021).

[9] I. V. Dudinets, I. Ermakov, O. Lychkovskiy, Testing eigenstate decoherence hypothesis in a model of collisional decoherence, EPL 134 60004 (2021)

[8] O. Gamayun, A. Slobodeniuk, J.-S. Caux, O. Lychkovskiy, Nonequilibrium phase transition in transport through a driven quantum point contact, Phys. Rev. B 103, L041405 (2021)

[7] O. Lychkovskiy, Closed hierarchy of Heisenberg equations in integrable models with Onsager algebra, SciPost Phys. 10, 124 (2021)

[6] N. Il’in, O. Lychkovskiy, Quantum speed limit for thermal states, Phys. Rev. A 103, 062204 (2021)

[5] N. Il’in, E. Shpagina, O. Lychkovskiy, Thermodynamics at zero temperature: inequalities for the groundstate of a quantum many-body system, Phys. Lett. A 414,127637 (2021) arXiv:2011.00839

[4] I. Dudinets, I. ErmakovO. Lychkovskiy, Testing eigenstate decoherence hypothesis in a model of collisional decoherence, EPL 134, 60004 (2021)

[3] O. Gamayun, O. Lychkovskiy, A map between time-dependent and time-independent quantum many-body Hamiltonians  Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, 313, 41 (2021)  arXiv:2009.13873 

[2]  I. Ermakov, B. V. Fine, Almost complete revivals in quantum many-body systems, arXiv:2011.02848  (2020)

[1] J. Richter, A.  Dymarsky, R.  Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer, Eigenstate thermalization hypothesis beyond standard indicators: Emergence of random-matrix behavior at small frequencies, Phys. Rev. E 102, 042127 (2020).

Препринты / Preprints:

[P1] A. E. Tarkhov, A. V. Rozhkov, B. V. Fine. (2021). Transient ordering in the Gross-Pitaevskii lattice subject to an energy quench within the disordered phase  (2021)

[P2] Tarek A. Elsayed, Boris V. Fine, Cooling many-body systems using feedback control, arXiv:2011.09321 (2020).