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Объявление для студентов магистратуры, занимающихся на программе «Английский для делового общения

Dear students!
Due to changes in the schedule, we suggest that you choose the time of your English classes. 
All the currently existing options are given to you in the table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F6aAiQx0rrL_9dy8MdOfifQKa_05yHkkMFgrEsJ4cnw/edit#gid=0 
Would you please write your name and group number under the time you prefer. The deadline is the 7th of February.
If none of the options suits you, write to O.V. Gudkova: Olgagudkova@inbox.ru List all the possible variants in your message.
Let me remind you that the faster you react to our request, the more flexible we will be in arranging groups.
Currently we have a draft schedule (find the file attached). Thank you!
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