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Мини-курс Stefano Boccaletti "Complex Networks: Introduction and Applications"

18 ноября 13:55-16:55
Главный Корпус, 123

19 ноября 10:45-13:45
Физтех.Арктика, поточная аудитория 4 этажа

1. Complex Networks: Introduction and mathematical description (I)
In this first lecture, I will introduce the formalism of complex networks, and describe some fundamental quantity related to network's structure, as the degree distribution, the clustering coefficient, the degree-degree correlations.
I will also introduce the main terminology used for the description of networks.

2. Complex networks: Introduction and mathematical description (II)
In this second lecture, I will describe several quantities which are generally used to characterize the structure of a network, as node centrality, node betweenness, network efficiency, and network's vulnerability.

3. Synchronization in complex networks: the Master Stability Function
In this third lecture I will consider a network of dynamical units and will describe the most important technique used for assessing synchronization: the Master Stability Function. I will discuss then several phenomena of synchronization
which can occur in dynamical networks.

4. Complex Network for Data Analysis
In this fourth lecture, I will describe how networks can be used for data analysis, and will in particular introduce two classes of networks (functional networks and parenclitic networks) which have recently found application in various fields of science.
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