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Совместная научно-исследовательская работа с проф. А. Красноком из Городского университета Нью-Йорка

International research collaboration leading by Prof. Alex Krasnok (CUNY ASRC, NY, USA), Prof. Andrea Alu (CUNY ASRC, NY, USA), and Prof. Valentyn Volkov (Center for Photonics & 2D Materials, MIPT, Russia) is seeking brilliant and highly motivated students to join our team for innovative studies on Active Nanophotonics. The research collaboration aims to the development of flat and chip-scaled optical devices for photonics, optoelectronics, valleytronics, and all-optical information processing by taking advantage of the synergy between 2D materials and metamaterials.


We suggest:
1. Close collaboration with the highest-ranked US research institution;
2. Diverse research program allowing getting a perfect background for work in both
Academia and Industry;
3. An innovative research program at the highest international level;
4. Short- and long-term visits to CUNY Advanced Science Research Center are available.

If you believe to be an exceptional candidate with interests in electromagnetism, antennas, and photonics, please feel free to contact us, or pass along the information to potential candidates.

Prof. Alex Krasnok [akrasnok@gc.cuny.edu]

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