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Открытая лекция по фаготерапии профессора Бетти Каттер

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Лаборатория разработки инновационных лекарственных средств МФТИ организует лекцию на тему: «Фаготерапия: от проблем прошлого к будущим горизонтам». Её прочтёт профессор Evergreen State College (Вашингтон, США) Бетти Каттер (Betty Kutter).

Встреча состоится 20 октября в 12:30, в аудитории 113 ГК. Лекция пройдёт на английском языке.

Фаготерапия — лечение инфекционных заболеваний препаратами бактериофага. Бетти Каттер занимается этой тематикой более 20 лет, а данные её исследований применяются в медицинской практике.

Abstract: Phage are ancient and ubiquitous; with 1031 phage on earth, we are constantly surrounded by them, and they play key roles in maintaining balance among different bacteria.

With the increasing failure of antibiotics, it makes sense to aggressively explore phage therapy, taking advantage of the power of modern biological tools and carrying out well-controlled studies of phage therapy and phage ecology.

We are working to build bridges between people with very different scientific and cultural backgrounds and explore next steps in dealing with both the science and the politics of bringing back phage therapy where it works best. 


The second topic of Dr. Kutter presentation will address the importance of using bacteriophages as an alternative approach to fight antibiotic resistance.

  • We are facing a major crisis with regard to antibiotic resistance across the whole spectrum of disease; WHO and NIH have both issued warnings of impending disaster; US costs: $32 billion/year
  • Many pathogenic bacteria have become highly resistant to the common antibiotic such as penicillin and some resist most available antibiotics
  • If this trend continues we will gradually return to conditions similar to the pre-antibiotic era where simple infections will prove lethal
  • Recent reports suggest that the large drug companies are getting out of antibiotic development
  • Broad-spectrum antibiotics have many negative side effects

Возглавляемая профессором Бетти Каттер лаборатория «The Evergreen Phage Lab» сотрудничает с ведущими учёными мирового уровня и организациями во всем мире. Среди них Phagebiotics Research FoundationEliava Phage Therapy Center, Ampliphi BiosciencesInternational Society for Viruses of Microorganisms, Martha Clokie: at the University of Leicester, Steve Abedon: at Ohio State University and Phage-Therapy.org, Hans Ackermann: Laval University, Canada и другие.

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