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Открытая лекция Петра Леймана

getPhoto.jpgЦентр молекулярных механизмов старения и возрастных заболеваний приглашает студентов, аспирантов и сотрудников МФТИ на открытую лекцию выпускника МФТИ, Assistant Professor и руководителя лаборатории структурной биологии и биофизики Федеральной политехнической школы Лозанны (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Швейцария) Петра Леймана

Лекция состоится 7 апреля (четверг) в 17:00 в 110 аудитории КПМ.

Тема лекции: «Contractile injection systems in viruses and bacteria»

Лекция будет проводиться на английском языке.


The process of protein and DNA translocation across lipid membranes is central to the function of any organism. Bacteria have evolved several distinct pathways for secreting DNA and proteins into the external milieu and sometimes directly into the cytoplasm of neighboring cells. The Type VI Secretion System (T6SS) represents one such pathway that translocates a wide variety of substrates that greatly vary in size and do not appear to possess any targeting signal at the amino acid sequence level. T6SS is orthologous to a contractile tail of bacteriophages, which is used by the phage for translocation of proteins and DNA in the opposite direction — from the capsid located outside of the cell to the cell’s cytoplasm. Functionally and structurally, the T6SS and phage tail resemble a stretched spring (or sheath) wound around a non-contractile tube that carries a spike-shaped protein at its tip. Upon interaction with a target cell membrane in the case of phage or certain environmental signals in the case of T6SS, the sheath contracts and drives the tube through the cell envelope. The contraction is accomplished by a massive structural rearrangement of the sheath in which the sheath subunits move as rigid bodies preserving their structure. I will discuss our current level of understanding of this remarkable structural transformation and our future goals.

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