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Открытая лекция Кристофа Ламперта «Machine Learning and Computer Vision at IST Austria»

6 сентября в 13:00 в 110 аудитории КПМ состоится лекция Кристофа Ламперта «Machine Learning and Computer Vision at IST Austria».


What is it like to be a graduate student or research scientists at an 
internationally recognized institution? And how does one obtain such a 
position? Many students close to their graduation have asked themselves 
these or similar questions.
In my talk I will introduce you to the Institute of Science and 
Technology Austria (IST Austria), which is a young international 
research institute located in Vienna, dedicated to basic research and 
interdisciplinary graduate education in the natural and mathematical 
sciences. I will furthermore highlight some of the research that is 
going on at IST Austria, concentrating in particular on questions 
studied in my own research group for computer vision and machine 
learning. These include the development and analysis of algorithms for 
transfer learning and structured prediction, as well as applications to 
challenging computer vision problems, such as object recognition and 
semantic image segmentation.

Кристоф Ламперт — профессор австрийского университета Науки и технологий IST Austria. 

В ходе лекции профессор расскажет о научных исследованиях в IST Austria и разработках исследовательской группы его лаборатории в области машинного обучения и компьютерного зрения.
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