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На Физтехе пройдут лекции профессора Университета Пьера и Марии Кюри в Париже Франка Розми

14 и 21 марта в 17:00 в аудитории 18 в корпусе Физтех.Арктика пройдут лекции Франка Розми — заслуженного профессора Университета Пьера и Марии Кюри (Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie) в Париже.

Профессор Франк Розми (Frank B. Rosmej) — специалист в области взаимодействия излучения с веществом. С 2012 года он является приглашенным профессором МФТИ, лектором курса «Оптические информационные технологии» (вместе с профессором Валерием Астапенко), главой отделения в лаборатории мощных лазеров в Политехнической школе (École Polytechnique) в Париже, руководителем ряда национальных и международных проектов, членом многих международных научных комитетов.

  • 14 марта — «Atoms, ions, radiation and plasmas»
The emission of light is one of the most fascinating phenomena in nature. Everybody feels the beauty when looking at the colors appearing at sunset, when a bolt of lightning illuminates the night, or when the emission of the aurora moves like magic in the dark heaven. And since the discovery of the spectral analysis, no one doubted that the problems of describing atoms and matter would be solved once we had learned to understand the language of atomic spectra and the emission of light. This introductory lecture starts from the historical origin of light emission, explains the fundamentals of atomic radiation emission via the fascinating aurora emission and provides the first steps to understand radiation of atoms and ions in plasmas.

  • 21 марта —«About the physical foundation of information and thermodynamic entropy: Maxwell’s demon and the impact to the outer world»
Although the term “Entropy S” has been introduced to thermodynamics by Clausius already in the 19th century and Boltzmann’s relation S=kBlnW that relates thermodynamics and statistics dates now back to more than a century, it is still controversially discussed up to present days while it became of increasing interest for the study of atoms and ions in dense and complex environments. The use of many different terms like, e.g. thermodynamic entropy, statistical entropy, information entropy, Boltzmann entropy, and many other definitions make it very difficult for students (and also for researchers) to understand, what are the common and different properties. It is the purpose of this introductory lecture, to present an entirely physical approach to entropy and to show, that essentially all different terms and definitions have in fact common basic physical foundations. Based on an approach of statistical mechanics and elementary quantum mechanics we explore the phase space properties of N-particle systems and show, that Boltzmann’s logarithmic entropy relation can be derived from physical constraints. Based on these considerations we discover that information is not a separate supplementary quantity but impacts on the outer world in the sense of entropy.

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