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Лекция Чарльза Рэдина: «Order parameters for the equilibrium solid phase»

Edited_Square.jpgФизтех-школа прикладной математики и информатики приглашает всех желающих на открытую лекцию американского математика, профессора Техасского университета Чарльза Рэдина (University of Texas at Austin). Тема: «Order parameters for the equilibrium solid phase». 

Время и место: 22 мая в 19:00 в Большой физической аудитории.


The traditional order parameters used to distinguish solid fr om fluid phases are related to microscopic structure, notably crystalline symmetry. However it has been too difficult to prove that any models, even highly simplified ones such as hard spheres, have an ordered phase in such a sense. I will discuss two possible alternative (macroscopic) order parameters, one related to shear and the other to surface tension. If time permits I will discuss the parallel problems in constrained networks and in static granular materials.

Biography of a lecturer

He obtained his PhD in physics in 1970 under Gerard Emch at the Univ of Rochester. He then had postdocs in physics at the Univ of Nijmegen under Edward Verboven and Princeton Univ under Arthur Wightman, then in math at Rockefeller Univ under Mark Kac and the Univ of Pennsylvania under Richard Kadison. In 1976 he moved to the Univ of Texas at Austin as assistant professor, wh ere he rose to his current rank of Professor of Mathematics. He has worked on energy ground states, quasicrystals, granular matter and constrained networks, mostly to try to understand the solid/fluid phase transition.

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