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Антонио дел Сол прочтёт лекцию на тему: «Виртуальная инженерия человеческих стволовых клеток и тканей»

biomedicine_draws_researchers_to_luxembourg.png23 сентября в 15:30 в рамках международной конференции «ФизтехБиомед — 2017» профессор Центра системной биомедицины (Люксембург) Антонио дел Сол выступит с лекцией на тему «Виртуальная инженерия человеческих стволовых клеток и тканей». Язык лекции — английский.


Achieving the promises of stem cell science to generate precise disease models and designer cell samples for personalized therapeutics will require harnessing pheno-genotypic cell-level data quantitatively and developing novel computational approaches to generate predictions in the lab and clinics. In particular, these approaches aim at modeling how to efficiently, specifically, and safely produce cells that best match those of each intended target patient. In this lecture, I will present a variety of computational methods developed in our lab to address specific challenges in cellular reprogramming and differentiation, and in-vivo tissue regeneration. Our computational predictions have been experimentally validated in different cellular systems, and have been shown to be useful in guiding experimental research. Moreover, these computational methods are currently being used in designing strategies for cell therapy for the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease or patients who have lost their corneal limbus stem cells by injury or burn.

Место и время проведения: 23 сентября в 15:30, г. Долгопрудный, Институтский переулок, дом 9, строение 7, аудитория 107 БК.

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