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Открытая лекция Вадима Черезова

Открытая лекция Вадима Черезова
Центр исследований молекулярных механизмов старения и возрастных заболеваний приглашает всех желающих на лекцию заведующего лабораторией структурной биологии рецепторов, сопряжённых с G-белком, Вадима Черезова.

Лекция: «Recent progress in structural studies of G Protein Coupled Receptors».

G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) are seven transmembrane domain receptors which form the most widespread family in human proteome comprising one the largest classes of human membrane proteins.  They sense extracellular molecules and activate different signal transduction pathways and thus cause different types of cellular response. GPCRs are essential for perfoming many crucial phisiological functions in human body such as vision, taste, smell, nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems activity, homeostasis regulation and cell density sensing. Thereby their dysfunctions lead to severe health problems. GPCRs are targets for up to 40% of modern drugs. In order to treat them efficiently and specifically with no side effects it is necesssary to know their structure with high resolution in different states. Prof. V. Cherezov will give a brief overview of the current status in this field.
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