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Открытая лекция по сверхразрешающей микроскопии

Междисциплинарный центр фундаментальных исследований и лаборатория перспективных исследований мембранных белков представляют Вашему вниманию открытую лекцию по сверхразрешающей микроскопии.

25 ноября (понедельник), 17:05, 110 КПМ

Dr. Thomas Gensch

ICS-4, Research Centre Jülich Super-resolution

Fluorescence Microscopy of Cellular Components

Fluorescence Microscopy has become an indispensable tool in cell biology being powerful in visualizing the processes of life in fixed and living cells. But - like all optical microscopy methods - it suffers fr om the diffraction limited resolution that is for visible light in the range of 200 - 300 nm. Since the days of Ernst Abbe this lim itation was widely accepted until at the end of the last millennium several experimental approaches – like stimulated emission depletion (STED), structured illumination microscopy (SIM) and single molecule localization microscopies (SMLM, PALM, STORM) - had been suggested and were realized in the first decade of the new millennium. These methods are subsumed under the name super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Since their first realizations super-resolution fluorescence microscopy has tremendously developed and allows nowadays images of biological cells with spatial and time resolutions of better than 50 nm and down to 10s. The lecture will give an overview about the different techniques, some applications on biological systems from the literature and the super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in our own laboratory. We started in 2009 to build a widefield/TIRF fluorescence microscope suitable for localization-based super-resolution microscopy. We study with PALM and directSTORM several cellular processes including actin filament structure and dynamics, mitochondrial protein import, proteins in synapses and synaptic vesicles of hippocampal neurons and organization and trafficking of ion channels and transporter proteins.

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