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На Физтехе пройдут открытые лекции профессора Алексиса Готро

На Физтехе пройдут открытые лекции профессора Алексиса Готро
Лаборатория разработки инновационных лекарственных средств и агробиотехнологий в рамках мероприятия «Привлечение научных сотрудников высокого уровня для работы с Физтех-Школами» организует открытые лекции профессора Алексиса Готро и приглашает всех заинтересованных студентов, аспирантов и сотрудников МФТИ. Рабочий язык лекций и семинаров — английский.

Алексис Готро (Alexis Gautreau) — профессор, директор биологического департамента Эколь Политекник (École Polytechnique), директор по науке в CNRS, крупнейшем научно-исследовательском учреждении Франции. С 2017 года является приглашенным профессором МФТИ.

  • 9 октября в 19:00 в 107 БК пройдёт первая лекция «Agingandcancer».
Abstract: Cancer is one of the main causes of deaths in our developed societies, which are characterized by increasing life expectancies. The lecture will illustrate how aging of organisms is an intrinsic program that governs the exponential rise of several diseases over lifetime. Means of interfering with this program are currently actively looked for. Cell senescence is also a powerful anti-cancer mechanism triggered by shortening of telomeres. Unfortunately, tumor initiating cells, also known as cancer stem cells, manage to express telomerase and escape senescence.

  • 12 октября в 19:00 в 107 БК пройдёт научны семинар на тему «Assembly of an invasion molecular machine in tumor cells».
Abstract: How tumor cells manage to overexpress a molecular machine is not well understood, since no subunit is usually limiting. The WASH complex is a multiprotein assembly that sorts endosomal cargoes by polymerizing branched actin structures through the Arp2/3 complex. Its activity is critical for integrin recycling during cell migration and for the invasion of tumor cells. We identified an assembly factor that controls the rate of WASH complex assembly at centrosomes. Overexpression of this assembly factor is associated with increased WASH complex in breast carcinomas and poor survival of patients.

  • 15 октября в 19:00 в 107 БК курс завершится научным семинаром, посвящённым теме «A kickstart to autocatalytic nucleation of branched actin filaments».
Abstract: The branching nucleation of actin filaments is mediated by the Actin related protein (Arp) 2 and Arp3 containing complex that lands on a pre-existing actin filament to induce a new filament, which in turn can become the substrate of another branching reaction. A first actin filament must thus provide a primer to the formation of branched actin structures. Here we will show that the formation of a primer filament resulting in a branched actin structureat the surface of endosomes requires the tight coordination between 3 molecular machines,the WASH complex, the Arp2/3 complex and Dynactin, a major activator of microtubule motors, which is organised along a minifilament containing Arp1 and Arp11. Coordination of these Arp containing molecular machines is critical for the efficient recycling of receptors in endosomes.
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