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На Физтехе пройдет лекция, посвященная автономным навигационным системам для роботов

На Физтехе пройдет лекция, посвященная автономным навигационным системам для роботов

20 июня в 17:00 в аудитории 5.22 корпуса Физтех.Цифра пройдет лекция «Scalable autonomous navigation in public environments» от лаборатории нейронных сетей и глубокого обучения МФТИ.

Лектор — Олег Синявский, Ph. D. в области вычислительных нейронаук, сотрудник компании Brain Corporation, занимается разработкой мобильных систем навигации для роботов следующего поколения.

BrainOS Navigation is a commercial grade navigation solution with built-in safety, that empowers autonomy to existing machines. The system has been designed to work in many indoor environments such as grocery stores, warehouses, big box retailers, airports or universities. It has a modular architecture adaptable to a majority of wheeled platforms. It can be used to automate existing human-operated machines.

With this technology, no environment setup is required during the deployment of a new machine. The mapping system can build large maps of the environment after a single non-expert demonstration. Robust 3d perception with multiple types of sensors detect obstacles for safe and efficient navigation. Motion planning algorithms are able to control heavy non-convex tricycle drive robots in tight spaces with 3 cm clearance. A cloud infrastructure is developed that ties all these systems together and provides services for a scalable operation. This navigation technology builds a constantly growing database of edge cases used to improve the system and methods used in it.

Лекция пройдет на английском языке. Вход свободный.

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