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Лекция профессора Алексиса Готро «Diabetes»

Лекция профессора Алексиса Готро «Diabetes»

30 апреля, 6 и 8 мая в 13:00 в 105 БК пройдут открытые лекции профессора Алексиса Готро, посвященные генетическим заболеваниям, генной терапии, стволовым клеткам и молекулярным и клеточным механизмам диабета. Лекции организованы лабораторией разработки инновационных лекарственных средств и агробиотехнологий МФТИ.

Лектор — Алексис Готро (Alexis Gautreau), приглашенный профессор МФТИ, директор по науке в Национальном центре научных исследований Франции (CNRS), директор биологического департамента Политехнической школы в Париже (École Polytechnique).

  • 30 апреля — Genetic diseases and gene therapy;
Genetic diseases will be introduced using the most common ones, such as sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis, as an example. The audience will learn how novel technologies of next-generation sequencing have sped up the identification of morbid genes and mutations. Genetic information is now used in prenatal diagnosis, neonatal screening, and for gene therapy, which is at last starting to deliver on its promises 30 years after having been initially proposed.

  • 6 мая — Repair of molecular defects in stem cells and in whole organisms;
This lecture provides an overview of the different strategies that were implemented to treat the genetic disease of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The implementation of exon skipping or DNA repair using different modes of CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing has provided effective therapeutic options for treating patients. The audience will be shown the importance of targeting stem cells in gene therapy and the novel perspectives that induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells open up in therapy and drug discovery. The use of “miniguts” in vitro to identify and validate active drugs against cystic fibrosis will be discussed. 

  • 8 мая — Diabetes.
The lecture will start by providing historical and geographical perspectives on diabetes, a critical disease of our modern societies. Professor Gautreau will present the current understanding of the molecular and cellular physiopathology of diabetes. Another topic of the lecture is the central role of insulin as a primary cause and a prime medicine, together with the efficiency of alternative therapeutic strategies, including bariatric surgery and fasting. 

Лекции пройдут на английском языке. Приглашаются все желающие.
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