Quantum & Electronics Technologies

This field consists of 24 departments and 14 laboratories with 163.1 faculty members in research and teaching positions. The major research and educational goals of this field include non-volatile memory design based on new principles and neuromorphic computing systems, development of the physical principles and element base units of quantum information processing, nanoscale optoelectronics, the physical foundations of quantum and electronic technology, terahertz technology, the design of micro- and nanostructures, printing technology, electronics, and photonics.

Konstantin Novoselov is the research manager of the field, Viktor Ivanov is the director.

List of laboratories

The laboratory is an associate member of the Nanophotonics for Energy Efficiency Network of Excellence (N4E).

The laboratory was created in April 2014 based on the results of an open competition at MIPT that was conducted as part of a program to increase the competitiveness of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

The laboratory’s aim is to conduct experimental research of quantum effects in semiconductor and hybrid nanostructures. The combination of low-dimensional structure, topological complexity of the electronic spectrum, strong interaction and nanolithography capabilities attribute to the system’s unique physical properties. 

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