Applied Mathematics & Computing Sciences

This field consists of 19 departments and 5 laboratories with 219.1 faculty members in research and teaching positions. The major research and educational goals of this field include research in the areas of fundamental mathematics, computer science, mathematical modeling and supercomputing technology, management theory, optimization and management of complex technical and socio-economical systems, and big data analytics.

Boris Chetvertushkin is the research manager of the field, and Konstantin Vorontsov is the director.

List of laboratories

Our lab develops novel methods for computational materials discovery, and applies them to a wide range of exciting scientific problems. Positions in the lab are extremely competitive and we choose the select the brightest young talents and nurture them. We use some of the world's most powerful supercomputers, and our lab has its own supercomputer. Importantly, we have developed unique computational codes and use state-of-the-art visualization tools. Each year we host many visiting researchers and students.


The laboratory was founded in 2014 as part of the 5top100 Program of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology aimed at boosting the recognition of the leading Russian universities among the key global centers of science and education.

Areas of research include hypersonic flows, numerical simulation, spacecraft engineering, and automated design engineering systems. One of current projects is developing a mathematical modeling system to study high altitude hypersonic aerodynamics of advanced spacecraft within the Reynolds and Knudsen number ranges. The project features a unique combination of high precision and efficiency computing algorithms that allow for live recording of physical effects in a wide range of modes of hypersonic spacecraft motion.

Development of computer models and systems, research and development of new designs in high performance computer machines, hardware components and supplementary operating and applied software (optimizing compilers, operating systems, libraries, means of binary translation, etc.)

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