Telecommunications & Microprocessor Technology

This field consists of 15 departments and 8 laboratories with 100.3 faculty members in research and teaching positions. The major research and educational goals of this field include research in the areas of telecommunications, radar and radio communication equipment, microprocessor and computer technology, control systems design, and application software development for special-purpose technical equipment.

Alexander Kuleshov is the research manager of the field, Sergey Garichev is the director.

List of laboratories

In line with the 2009-2018 Development Program for Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Learning “Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology” as a research university, the Laboratory of Physical and Mathematical Problems in Wave Processes was renamed as the Laboratory of Wave Processes and Control Systems. S.N.Garichev took D.S.Lukin’s position as laboratory head, and the laboratory was respectively reassigned from the Department of Problems of Physics and Energetics to the Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics (a Subdepartment of Wave Processes and Control Systems).

The laboratory focuses on practical problems in video and audio transmission and processing, as well as on state-of-the-art research into the applications of artificial intelligence in communications, video and audio processing

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