Quantum Nanostructures Lab

The laboratory’s aim is to conduct experimental research of quantum effects in semiconductor and hybrid nanostructures. The combination of low-dimensional structure, topological complexity of the electronic spectrum, strong interaction and nanolithography capabilities attribute to the system’s unique physical properties. 

The laboratory was founded in 2013 as part of MIPT’s Interdisciplinary Center for Fundamental Research. The laboratory research activities will apply such experimental methods of electronic measurment as the quantum shot noise measuring technique, ultra-sensitive RF and microwave measurements, and precise electrical transport measurements in intense magnetic fields at ultra low temperatures.

Field of research 

1. Implementation of the nonequilibrium Luttinger liquid model in topological insulators with the quantum spin Hall effect. Research of collective excitations in IR transport.

2. Shot noise research in 2D topological insulators, testing of the ballistic transport theory in topological insulators on the edge of the quantum spin Hall state in a given system.

3. Absolute-temperature noise thermometry in semiconductor and hybrid nanowires. Definition of electrical and IR transport mechanisms.

4. Unaffected definition of Majorana bound state characteristics in the hybrid system “superconductor-topological insulator” by fractions in shot noise spectral density upon high-frequency S/TI ballistic contact.

5. Research of thermoelectric and thermomagnetic responses in 2D topological insulators with the quantum spin Hall effect. Detection of the spin Nernst effect in transverse thermal electromotive forces.

Mikhail R.Trunin

Head of laboratory, Lecturer MIPT