Laboratory of Numerical Methods of Applied Structural Optimization


  • Solving hard practical optimization problems
  • State-of-the-art research in optimization theory and methods

  • Find elegant and simple solutions for complex actual problems
  • Create optimization method’s frameworks
  • Extend the domain of optimization theory applicability
  • Develop new numerical optimization methods and improve existing ones
  • Investigate optimization methods properties and effectiveness

Research Directions
  • Structural optimization
    Numerical methods of local and global optimization theory
    Multicriteria optimization
    Linear and nonlinear programming, semidefinite and equilibrium programming
    Numerical methods of optimal control
    Stochastic optimization
    High-performance techniques in optimization
    Distributed optimization


Machine Learning 
Traffic assignment problems
Computer networks modeling
Inverse problems of mathematical physics
Optimal Control in the Foundry Industry
Global Optimization
Robotics: Approximation of the Robot’s workspace
Fast Automatic Differentiation
Non-linear analysis and its applications
Software Framework
Software Development