Laboratory of Molecular Oncology

Research interests: molecular mechanisms for regulating the fate of cells and tissues in normal and malignant transformation.
The focus is on the master regulator of the genome, the p73 protein, which has attracted the attention of the general scientific community in recent years in connection with a number of oncological diseases. The difficulty in studying this protein lies both in the variety of its forms and their various functions in different cell types and in the lack of adequate molecular tools and innovative approaches to obtaining detailed information.
Over the next few years, the laboratory aims at finding out the contribution of various p73 protein isoforms to the organization and regulation of the genome, as well as violations of these functions in the most common cancers. In the next 5–7 years, the laboratory's personnel expects to make a significant contribution to diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to help oncologists and their patients, such as new tools for early diagnosis, targets for cancer therapy, and prototypes of anti-cancer drugs.

Gennaro Melino

Head of Laboratory