Laboratory of Mechatronics and Robotics

Research interests:

·      Theoretical robotics (mobile robotics)

·      Optimal control theory and sub-Riemannian geometry (including experimental studies of the body sway process using examples of model problems to build a dynamic friction model that is most suitable for describing the movement of systems in real conditions)

·      Nonholonomic mechanics

·      Integrable systems

·      Highly maneuverable robotic platforms with rolling elements: spherical robot, omnicycle mobile robot, multilink wheeled robot

Hardware and software:

·       Motion capture system

·       Robotic complexes

Projects: Development of algorithms for optimal control of a highly maneuverable omnicycle mobile robot and their experimental verification

Aleksei Borisov

Head of Laboratory

Sergei Sokolov

Deputy Head of Laboratory

Ivan Mamaev

Leading researcher

Aleksandr Kilin

Leading researcher

Yury Karavaev

Junior researcher

Ivan Bizyaev

Junior researcher