Laboratory of High Energy Physics

The laboratory works in the field of high-energy and elementary particle physics, participates in the international Belle and Belle2 experiments at KEK research center in Japan, and the CMS experiment at the CERN research center in Switzerland.

Areas of research:

The main activities of the laboratory are:

- study of fundamental properties of elementary particles, search for differences in these properties for matter and anti-matter, in particular, the study of the effect of CP-violation in B-meson decays in Belle and Belle2 experiments;
- search for new particles and states in Belle and Belle2 experiments, in particular, search for and study of exotic particles such as X(3872);
- study of B-meson decays in CMS experiment at CERN;
- application of statistical methods of data analysis in related fields of science and technology, in particular, in mass spectrometry, creating big-data processing models, etc.

Tagir Aushev

Head of Laboratory

Professional experience
Professor, corresponding member of RAS, chief researcher, ScD in physics and mathematics

Galina Pakhlova

Leading researcher

Professional experience
ScD in physics and mathematics

Timofei Uglov

Senior researcher

Professional experience
 Ph.D. in physics and mathematics