Laboratory of Fundamental Interactions

The Laboratory of Fundamental Interactions was established on March 31, 2015. Currently, it is a structural division of the MIPT School of Fundamental and Applied Physics. The tasks of the laboratory are:
• conducting fundamental research in the field of elementary particle physics and relativistic nuclear physics; obtaining new knowledge about fundamental interactions through experimental studies on proton and heavy-ion accelerators; high-energy physics data systematization;
• attracting MIPT teachers, students, and postgraduates to the scientific work of the laboratory, using the results of scientific research of the laboratory in the MIPT educational process

Yury Kharlov

Head of Laboratory

Professional experience
ScD in physics and mathematics, ALICE collaboration associate (CERN)
leading researcher of the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) Experimental Physics Department

Aleksei Novosyolov

Deputy Head of Laboratory

Professional experience
Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, LHCb collaboration associate (CERN)
researcher of the IHEP Experimental Physics Department