Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures

Laboratory web-page:

We are the Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. On this website, you can learn about Lab activities and members, as well as related events and useful materials like past and future workshops, talks, and video lectures. The lab aims to initiate collaboration and exchange between foreign and Russian researchers who work on different theoretical questions in the fields of Combinatorics, Discrete and Computational Geometry, and Theoretical Сomputer Science, and it was formed in December 2019.

János Pach

Head of the laboratory

Professional experience
Full-time affiliation:

Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest

Andrey Kupavskii

Vice-head of Laboratory

Academic Interests
Extremal Combinatorics, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Probabilistic Methods, Analysis of Boolean Functions, selected topics in Computer Science

Alexandr Polyanskii

Assistant head of Laboratory

Academic Interests

Discrete and Convex Geometry, Extremal Combinatorics

Gábor Tardos

Academic Interests
Combinatorics, discrete and computational geometry, and complexity theory

Balázs Patkós

Academic Interests
Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics

Rom Pinchasi

Academic Interests
Combinatorics, Discrete Geometry, Computational Geometry, Topological Graphs

Nora Frankl

István Tomon

Arsenii Sagdeev

Academic Interests
Extremal Combinatorics, Graph and Hypergraph Theory, Ramsey Theory, Diophantine Approximations.

Andrey Sergunin

Sergei Kiselev

Igor Tsiutsiurupa