Laboratory of Advanced Combinatorics and Network Applications

Research interests:
•    Probabilistic, algebraic, and topological methods in combinatorics
•    Graph theory, web graphs, graph algorithms, discrete optimization
•    Algorithms and complexity of calculations
•    Fundamental research and practical applications of discrete mathematics
•    Discrete functions and optimization
•    Word combinatorics
•    Symbolic dynamics
•    Random graphs and hypergraphs
•    Mathematical modeling and optimization of complex processes and structures
•    Random graphs and hypergraphs: models and applications for information retrieval and analysis of complex networks such as the Internet, social networks, bank-to-bank interaction networks, other economic networks, and biological networks
•    Classification of strategies traded on the exchange based on the expected yield principle
•    The first and second order logic of a random graph of Erdős-Rényi
•    Word combinatorics, symbolic dynamics and its applications in the theory of rings and semigroups

Andrei Raigorodskii

Born 19 June 1976

Dean, School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Head of Laboratory of Advanced Combinatorics and Network Applications

Sc.D. in physics and mathematics, associate professor

  • 1998: Graduated with distinction from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

  • 2001: Completed doctoral studies at the Numbers Theory Department of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU

  • 2001: Earned a Ph.D. for research on combinatorial geometric properties of point sets

  • 2004: Received a higher doctorate degree (Sc.D.) in discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics for research on problems of Borsuk, Nelson-Erdesh-Hadwiger and Gryunbaum in combinatorial geometry

Professional experience
  • 2001: Employed as Assistant at the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Theory of Random Processes of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU

  • 2005: Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU

  • 2007: Professor at the Department of Innovation and High Technology of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

  • 2007: Joined Yandex, a major Russian tech company, and created the laboratory of combinatorial and probabilistic methods, where he heads the Department of Theoretical and Applied Research

  • 2011: Appointed Head of the Department (Section) of Discrete Mathematics at MIPT’s Department of Innovation and High Technologies

  • 2011: Professor at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU

  • 2016: Head of the Laboratory of Advanced Combinatorics and Network Applications at MIPT

  • 2016: Federal Professor of mathematics

  • Academic courses

    Andrei Raigorodskii lectures at MIPT’s Department of Innovation and High Technology (Fundamentals of Combinatorics and Number Theory, Discrete Analysis), the Department of Management and Applied Mathematics (Combinatorics), the Department of Biological and Medical Physics (Probability Theory), MIPT’s Advanced Combinatorics online master’s program (Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Probability Theory, Random Graphs, Hypergraph Theory, Webgraphs). His lectures are also available on Coursera and the National Platform of Open Education (Combinatorics, Advanced Combinatorics, Graphs, Random Graphs, Webgraphs).

    Raigorodskii gives lectures at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Yandex School of Data Analysis and under the joint bachelor’s degree program of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) and the New Economics School (NES).

    In addition, he reaches out to school children with lectures at events like the Contemporary Mathematics School, the Summer Multidisciplinary School of Combinatorics and Algorithms and the summer conferences of the Tournament of Towns, among others.


    About 130 of Raigorodskii’s articles have been published by leading mathematical journals. He is the author of 20 books and brochures including “Chromatic Numbers,” “The Borsuk Problem,” “Dantser-Gruynbaum Triangles with Acute Angles,” “Probability and Algebra in Combinatorics,” “Linear-algebraic Method in Combinatorics,” “Systems of General Representatives in Combinatorics and Their Applications in Geometry,” “Combinatorics” (co-authored by A. V. Savvateev and I. D. Shkredov), “Extremal Problems in Graph Theory and Their Applications in Data Analysis,” “Random Graph Models,” “Kneser’s Hypothesis and the Topological Method in Combinatorics,” “Combinatorics and Probability Theory” (a study guide for the School of Data Analysis), etc.

    Awards and achievements

  • In 2005, Andrei Raigorodskii received the Prize of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

  • In 2011, he was awarded the Russian President’s Prize in science and innovation for young scientists.

Academic Interests
  • Graph and hypergraph theory

  • Extremal and algorithmic problems of combinatorics

  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics

  • Probabilistic methods in discrete mathematics

  • Various problems of combinatorial geometry and algebraic topology

  • Applications of combinatorial methods to internet data analysis

  • Complex networks and applications in web analysis, social networks, banking networks, biological networks, etc.