Laboratory of Functional Materials and Devices for Nanoelectronics

The laboratory was founded in April 2014 based on the results of an open MIPT contest, conducted as part of the 5-100 program aimed at making MIPT and other top Russian universities more competitive internationally. The lab is equipped with growing, analytical, and technological equipment on par with top international research centers. This allows the team to conduct whole-cycle of research, including growing thin-film structures, studying their physical and functional properties, and manufacturing device prototypes.

The laboratory conducts experimental research of new physical effects in nanoscale structures based on inorganic materials, which can be used to develop synthetic multifunctional devices. Devices of this type are an alternative approach to creating computational systems and next-generation information technology.

Main lines of research:

• Development of methods for synthesizing new functional materials in nanoscale layers and multilayer structures with potential applications in nanoelectronic devices.

• Work on new physical principles for writing and storing information to create new energy-independent memory devices.

• Development of the physical and technological basis for the creation of innovative energy-independent memory devices based on ultrathin layers of new ferroelectric materials.

• Creation of prototype memory devices based on reversible switching in metal-insulator-metal nanostructures.

• Usage of multilevel resistive switching in memristors to create inorganic analogs of biological synapses. Development of neuromorphic chips for modeling parallel computing architecture in artificial neural networks.

Andrey Zenkevich

Head of laboratory

PhD in physics and mathematics
Academic Interests
Thin film physics, nanoscale and multilayer structures, physical and functional properties of nanostructures, new materials for nanoelectronics, spintronics, magnet-electric effects in composite multiferroics, energy-independent memory devices, electric synapses, synaptic plasticity

Yuri Matveev

Senior researcher

PhD in physics and mathematics
Academic Interests
Synthesis of new functional materials for nanoelectronics in ultrathin layers and research into their chemical and electrical properties

Sergei Zarubin


Doctoral student

MIPT graduate

Academic Interests
Transmission electron microscopy, ferroelectric materials


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147 page

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Thin Solid Films

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology