Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing Laboratory (ABBYY Lab)

ABBYY, the world's leading developer in the field of intellectual information processing, is to open a Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing Laboratory at the Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. The research carried out at ABBYY Lab will consolidate the company's 30 years of experience in these fields and the latest research in artificial intelligence and data analysis using deep machine learning.

Staff at the laboratory will work to solve pressing issues such as those at the junction of NLP and machine vision. The main research areas of ABBYY Lab will include:
multilingual analysis of complex images containing text (text in the Wild)
data shortage training methods (Transfer Learning, One-Shot Learning, generative models)
computer analysis of social network language using differential mega-cases, including unbiased classification problems

The laboratory will have various ABBYY technologies at its disposal. At the forefront of these are technologies for automatically generating marked data — a key factor in applying deep learning methods to solve numerous problems. This will enable the laboratory to organize open scientific and technological competitions in the field of computer analysis of texts and images

Alexey Zhuravlev

Head of Laboratory

Professional experience

Head of the ABBYY Computer Vision Research Group and post-graduate student at the Department of Image Recognition and Text Processing at MIPT.

He joined MIPT in 2013, and two years later was selected for the ABBYY Department. He graduated the bachelor's and master's programs with honors.

He has been working at ABBYY since April 2016. In this time, he has worked his way up from trainee developer in the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Group to head of the Computer Vision Research Group, which researches advanced models and methods in the field of computer vision and their application in practical OCR and document analysis.

Alexey also heads the OCR New Technologies Development Group, which implements advanced technologies in ABBYY's text recognition module. The group's successes include the introduction of a new neural-network-based model for recognizing Arabic.

Since 2017, Alexey has lectured in the Department of Image Recognition and Text Processing at MIPT and is the author of two courses: "The Main Goals of Automatic Document Processing" and "Convolutional Networks in Computer Vision Problems." In February 2019, he became a permanent member and Deputy Chairman of the State Examination Commission (SEC) at the Department of Image Recognition and Text processing.

Victoria Buravkina


Nikolai Kopylov

Deputy Head of Laboratory

Nina Aleskerova

Junior researcher

Ilya Raskin

Junior researcher

Artem Tovkes

Junior researcher

Dmitry Sharuev

Junior researcher