Center of Optoelectronics, Medical Equipment and Artificial Intelligence (Shvabe R&D Center MIPT)

The center conducts research and development for the Shvabe Holding and other Russian and foreign hi-tech companies

On Sept. 24, 2019, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Shvabe Holding — a subsidiary of Russian state-owned corporation Rostec — jointly established the MIPT Center of Optoelectronics, Medical Equipment and Artificial Intelligence (Shvabe R&D Center MIPT).

The center’s operations draw on the MIPT laboratories that work on medical equipment, optoelectronics, and artificial intelligence. These labs are seen as a basis for developing navigation systems, optical devices, robots, clinical decision support systems for fluorography, mammography, and cardiography, home automation systems, and other products.

The primary objective of the center is developing the cooperation between Shvabe Holding and researchers from MIPT labs, with the aim of enhancing competency and efficiency for R&D toward creating new technologies and solutions.

The main objectives of the center as a developer of optoelectronic, medical technologies and AI-driven products are:
Autonomous and GLONASS-integrated strap-down navigation systems based on laser gyroscopes.
Optical telescopes, including robotic telescopes, optical matrices, as well as software and algorithms for space object detection, tracking, recognition, and classification.
Robotic systems, including assistive devices and equipment for neurotechnology-based rehabilitation of patients with disabilities.
Expert, recommendation, information and analytics systems, including expert systems for clinical decision support in fluorography, mammography, and cardiography using retrieval systems, deep learning, and mobile medical complexes.
Technical vision systems for intelligent photo and video data processing, particularly using convolutional neural networks, deep learning, and a hardware-software intelligent system for searching, locating, and classifying objects in photos and videos in real time.
Hardware and software systems for automating power supply and security management using LPWAN-type wireless networks, intelligent devices, and artificial intelligence technologies.
Home automation systems, smart homes with autonomous energy, self-organizing infrastructure, and services for smart human-machine energy systems.
Intelligent hardware and software cryptographic systems, including those for photo and video data protection and analysis, which leverage a complex data security system and artificial intelligence to verify the authenticity and integrity of photo and video content during processing and distributed storage.
Highly sensitive uncooled photoreceivers for infrared imaging in the spectral range between 3 and 5 micrometers, based on colloidal quantum dots and plasmon microantennas.
Technologies for producing suspensions based on nanopowders for fine polishing of workpieces, including those manufactured from Sitall glass for laser mirrors, with a roughness of no more than 0.5-1.0 A.

Holding dates back to 1837, when Theodor Shvabe’s company, which manufactured and sold high-precision optical instruments, was founded in Moscow.
Shvabe carefully preserves its traditions and considers using the experience of the past combined with modern technologies and innovative solutions to be the most important condition for its future development.
Today, Shvabe is a part of Rostec State Corporation and unites leading enterprises and R&D centers in 10 Russian cities, being a mainstay of Russian optical industry. Holding produces more than 6 500 items of products and exports them to 95 countries. Now Shvabe has its representative offices in 8 cities of Russia and 3 overseas offices – in Belarus, Switzerland and China.
Shvabe ensures the entire cycle of creating the latest electro-optical and laser equipment (from fundamental and exploratory researches to mass production) in the best interests of the defense industry and most civilian industries in Russia.
Shvabe develops its own R&D, implements localization projects in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, creating by this way new opportunities for business.

Loran Akopyan

Chief Executive Director, Shvabe R&D Center MIPT
CEO, iPavlov LLC


2001 - 2005 Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPhI) - “Applied Mathematics and Physics”, Bachelor of Science 

2005 - 2007 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI - “Applied Mathematics and Physics”, Master of Science  

Professional experience
Mr. Akopyan received fundamental education in Science & Technologies. He graduated from MEPhI, one of the most renowned natural sciences and engineering universities in Russia, with a Master’s degree in “Applied Mathematics and Physics”. He earned his Ph.D. in physics and mathematics from the celebrated Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) University.

Mr. Akopyan worked in a number of large Russian and international companies, including Probusinessbank, Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceuticals Group, Cadila Rus, Adamant Group, Drugs Technology LLC, R-Pharm Group, Median Klinik am Südpark GmbH & Co. KG, Life Financial Group and others, holding high managerial positions; head of the representation, chief marketing director, deputy general director, managing director, other senior roles. 

Mr. Akopyan is an expert in the field of technology commercialization and capital raising implementing innovation in large corporations, startups and research universities operating often internationally or in multinational environments. He has broad experience in high-tech management and is known for his drive, dynamic style of business development and deal-making. As Business Development Director of the NTI Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence he was fully engaged in the commercialization of the Center’s projects.  

Current positions:

- Chief Executive Director of the Research Center of Optoelectronics, Medical Equipment and Artificial Intelligence (Shvabe R&D Center MIPT)

- CEO LLC iPavlov

- Head of the Laboratory of Intellectual Cryptographic Systems

Past experience:

-Head of the Russian representative office of Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceuticals Group 

-Marketing Director at Yalinini Engineering LLC 

-Head of Cadila Rus in Russia 

-Deputy General Director of the Federal Network of Adamant Group of Companies

-Deputy General Director of Drugs Technology LLC R-Pharm Group 

-Member of the Advisory Board for Russia at China Finance Strategies Investment Holdings Limited (CFS) 

-Head of the Russian representative office of Median Klinik AM Suedpark GmbH & Co KG 

-Managing Director, Head of Life Medical Group at Life Financial Group (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Roman Gorbunov

Chief Technical Director, Head of Civil R&D Projects Department, Shvabe

Dmitry Mikhel

Senior R&D Projects manager

Roman Biryukov

Senior R&D Venture Capital manager

Anna Marchenko

Marketing Manager