Center for Molecular Electronics (CME)

The Center for Molecular Electronics has over 10 years experience in developing and manufacturing seismic instruments, including broadband and short-period seismometers and an innovative rotational seismometer.

The general purpose of CME models satisfy the varied requirements of research seismology, surveys of natural and induced seismicity, civil engineering, microzonation, industrial vibration monitoring, etc. 

For amateur seismologists and educators we have developed a family of unique, inexpensive, high-performance, seismometers ideally suited for educational seismic networks. 

All models utilize pioneering molecular electronic technology (MET). 

These seismometers are characterized by extreme ruggedness, wide operating temperature range, low-power consumption, compact size and simplicity in deployment.  

Currently we are working on several R&D projects aimed at developing advanced MET seismometers with even better characteristics.

Vadim Agafonov

Head of Center for Molecular Electronics