MIPT's strategy includes conducting and developing high-quality research in cutting-edge fields, such as quantum and electronic technologies, anti-aging studies, nanophotonics and plasmonics, biotechnology, applied mathematics, space research and many more. The research we do in MIPT serves both national interests and global goals - the humanity's need for faster computing, cleaner energy, fighting diseases and prolonging healthy life, managing complicated IT systems, exploring space etc. In the past several years over 50 new laboratories opened in MIPT, and the university has summoned top researchers from all over the world to head them

Terahertz Spintronics Lab


Our publications

2016, PHYSICAL REVIEW D (4.864)

Measurements of the Upsilon(10860) and Upsilon(11020) resonances via sigma(e(+)e(-) -> Upsilon(nS)pi(+)pi(-))

Santel, D, Kinoshita, K, Chang, P, Abdesselam, A, Adachi, I, Aihara, H, Al Said, S, Arinstein, K, Asner, DM, Aushev, T, Ayad, R, Bakich, AM, Bansal, V, Bhuyan, B, Bobrov, A, Bondar, A


On the stability of the Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem

Bollobás B., Narayanan B.P., Raigorodskii A.M.

2016, PHYSICAL REVIEW D (4.643)

Search for the rare decay D0 →γγ at Belle

Nisar N.K., Mohanty G.B., Trabelsi K., Aziz T., Abdesselam A., Adachi I., Aihara H., Asner D.M., Aulchenko V., Aushev T., Ayad R., Babu V., Badhrees I., Bahinipati S., Barberio E., Behera P.

2016, PHYSICAL REVIEW D (4.643)

Study of B-0 -> rho(+)rho(-) decays and implications for the CKM angle phi(2)

Vanhoefer, P, Dalseno, J, Kiesling, C, Abdesselam, A, Adachi, I, Aihara, H, Al Said, S, Arinstein, K, Asner, DM, Atmacan, H, Aushev, T, Aziz, T, Babu, V, Badhrees, I, Bakich, AM, Bansal, V