Russian students under guidance of MIPT professors set absolute record at Asian Olympiad in Physics

Eight students from Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg became the absolute winners of the XXI Asian Olympiad in Physics, winning eight gold medals. The Olympiad was held in a remote format with the participation of more than 180 participants from 23 countries.

The team leaders who trained the students are the MIPT Curriculum Laboratory for Engaging Gifted Students employees Vitaly Shevchenko, Yuri Skakov, Fedor Tsybrov, Arseniy Pikalov, and Fedor Oksanichenko

The Asian Physics Olympiad started on May 17 remotely, and representatives of the host country of the olympiad — Taiwan — were present at the MIPT campus to observe both  theoretical and experimental rounds.

The gold medals were awarded to:

Amir Akhundzyanov — St. Petersburg National Research Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academic Lyceum "School of Physics and Technology '' named after Zh. I. Alferov;

Denis Ismagilov — Kapitsa Phystech Lyceum;

Matvei Kniazev — Kapitsa Phystech Lyceum;

Nikolay Kononenko — Moscow State School No. 57;

Artemii Novikov — Bauman Engineering School No. 1580, Moscow;

Danila Samodelkin — School No. 2007, Moscow;

Matvei Fedin — Kapitsa Phystech Lyceum;

Dmitry Khvatov — State Budgetary professional Educational Institution of the city of Moscow "Vorobyovy Gory".

The winners were congratulated by the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov. In his address, he stressed that the victory of the Russian national team once again proves the quality of domestic education and the effectiveness of methods for revealing the talents of gifted youth. "The students have shown an outstanding result, set a kind of record, making a very serious bid for the country's progressive leadership in the educational world space. I would like to wish each participant to continue their educational, scientific, and labor path, " Sergey Kravtsov addressed the winners.

We would like to remind you that in December 2020, the Russian national team, which was also prepared for victory by the team leaders from MIPT, won five gold medals at the International distributed Physics Olympiad. Vitaly Shevchenko, the coach of the Russian national team, emphasizes that Russian schoolchildren traditionally get high results at international intellectual competitions in physics, astronomy and many other natural sciences. "It is a great honor and at the same time a great responsibility for MIPT to prepare students for high-level physics olympiads. All participating countries present the strongest and well-prepared students at olympiads, and our victory is a recognition of the highest potential of our country in physics. We hope that the guys are waiting for further victories and great scientific discoveries ahead," Vitaliy Shevchenko said.

The awards ceremony will be held online on May 24.

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