Research News

Being one of the strongest science centers in the Russian Federation MIPT carries out scientific
research itself and in collaboration with foreign scientists. Scientists from MIPT are proudly known and respected, their work is appreciated and is often cited and rewarded, in some cases with the Nobel Prize.

Predictable esports: Amateurs and professionals sit differently in a chair

Peroxiredoxin antioxidant proves efficient in ischemia-reperfusion treatment
Genes reveal kinship between 3 victims of Mongol army in 1238 massacre
MIPT physicists create device for imitating biological memory
Biophysicists discovered how “Australian” mutation leads to Alzheimer’s disease
Scientists develop a metamaterial for applications in magnonics, an alternative to conventional electronics
Scientists “get on the nerves” of cancer cells

Geneticists unlock the secret of mutant flies’ longevity