08/18/2017 18:31:09

Registration for PhysTech Biomed International Conference 2017 now open

MIPT’s Department of Biological and Medical Physics is announcing the start of registration for the 7th annual PhysTech Biomed International Conference 2017 which will be held on September 21-22 at MIPT’s campus. The conference aims to bring together leading specialists and experts in bioengineering, neurotechnology, and geriatrics and provide a forum to discuss how “active longevity”, neurology, bioengineering, biotechnology, health improvement and medicine of the future can be used to cure diseases.

“Active longevity” is a process aimed at improving the quality of life of aging people by combining all the available resources to help them maintain good health and an active life>

So far, scientists have managed to establish a method of slowing down the aging processes by extending the lifespan of lab animals by dozens of times; now they are focusing on adapting it for humans. More and more researchers consider aging to be a biological process which may be regulated if we can manage to find out why it develops and how its key mechanisms can be controlled, especially those to do with gene function.

The conference promotes collaboration in anti-aging research between specialists from many different countries and scientific backgrounds. The participants are encouraged to join their efforts to identify the priorities and design a strategy aimed at extending human life expectancy.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including the latest trends in the regulation of normal, pathological and aging processes in humans; new advances in digital health, anti-aging medicine, use of stem cells, male and female aesthetic treatment, as well as in various integrated multidisciplinary approaches to the treatment of dementia, aging, etc. The participants will be able to take part in the Young Scientists’ Workshop on the second day of the conference.

To register, please submit an abstract to bombin.gv@mipt.ru. Abstracts should not exceed 3000 characters, including spaces (300 words).

Location: 9 Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russia.  
Website: http://phystechbiomed.mipt.ru

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