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Leading oncologists of the world to speak at the PhysTechBio Conference

The 6th International PhysTechBio Conference

24-28 May, 2016
MIPT Campus, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region

On 24-28 May Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will host the sixth international PhysTechBio Conference of the Northern BioPharmCluster. It has become something of a tradition for the Northern BPC to sum up the results of the scientific year and organise meetings involving leading experts in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical engineering and allied disciplines within the leading technical university of Russia.

The topics and the format of the conference change each year depending on the current trends in global sciences, the current goals of the Cluster and its development plans. The number of speakers, applications and guests grows each year. The programme of the conference becomes more intense owing to new areas of research.

In 2016 the conference has two major blocks. One of them focuses on fundamental and applied sciences, while the other on business and entrepreneurship.

The main topic of the scientific block of this year’s conference is developing new drugs and diagnostics technologies for various forms of cancer. The conference will include the 21st International Charles Heidelberger Symposium with over 30 doctors, scientists, researchers, professors and heads of laboratories who work in the field of medicine and oncology both in Russia and in other countries. The program of the symposium will cover epidemiology of cancer, mechanisms of carcinogenesis, tumor microenvironment, cancer genetics and epigenetics, targeted cancer therapies and neuro-oncology.

The list of the key speakers includes such renowned scientists as:

Curtis C. Harris, National Cancer Institute (Washington, DC, USA), Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Carcinogenesis’ Journal, a leading expert in cancer genetics and epigenetics. His publications include over 500 journal articles, 100 chapters in various books and 10 books on cancer research.

Israel Vlodavsky, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel), a leading expert in cancer and tumor environment research. The author of a new heparanase inhibitor for anti-cancer therapy which is currently undergoing clinical testing. The author of over 380 articles (24,000 citations, H index = 81).

Eli Huberman, University of Illinois (Chicago, USA), an expert in mechanisms of carcinogenesis, the author of over 200 scholarly publications, a member of the editorial board of international journals including Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Cancer Research, Molecular and Cellular Differentiation, and Molecular Carcinogenesis.

Marko Kornmann, M.D., Prof. Dr. Med., Ulm Unifersity (Germany). A leading world expert in treating gastrointestinal cancer using cutting edge technologies. A member of the editorial board of Langenbeck´s Archives of Surgery and the author of over 300 academic articles.

Karl-Heinrich Link, Prof. Dr. Dr. Med., head of the Asklepios Cancer Research Center, Wiesbaden, Germany. A leading world expert in bowel cancer treatment. The author of an original treatment protocol for bowel cancer, which is recognised all over the world. The author of over 300 scholarly papers.

You can find a full list of speakers and read more about them here. This part of the program was organised by the PhysTechBio Conference in partnership with the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics (Novosibirsk).

A special event organised within the Symposium is the School for Young Scientists, a lecture course on molecular and clinical oncology for young scientists read by many of the international speakers of the 2016 PhysTechBio Conference.

In parallel with the Symposium the Northern BPC will organise a few pitch sessions for start-ups and projects as part of the Business Block of the Conference. These will cover the following fields: pharmaceutics, medical equipment, agrobiotechnologies and neurotechnologies. This part of the conference program is designed to help find new original business ideas and technological solutions in life sciences.

The pitch sessions will run with the support of Ksi Ventures, a General Partner of the ‘Life Sciences Seed Fund’ interested in selecting the most promising innovation projects for further funding and development. The pitch sessions are open for young entrepreneurs, developers and researches aged under 35. The winner of the pitch-presentation contest will be given a chance to participate in a start-up acceleration program and a unique opportunity to go to the BIO International Convention-2016 in San Francisco, US.

During the breaks between presentations all guests of the PhysTechBio Conference will be able to see an exhibition of core businesses and have a look at posters summarising the presentations which are not included in the main part of the program of the conference.

You can register for the 2016 PhysTechBio Conference here.

The Organising Committee of the 6th International PhysTechBio Conference
The Northern BioPharmCluster:
9-7, Institutsky per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region
Tel.: +7 (495) 408 42 00
E-mail: conference@pharmcluster.ru

The Northern Biopharmaceutical Cluster brings together the leaders of Russian pharmaceutics, biotechnology and medicine, thinks tanks and medical institutions, small innovative companies and startups around Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). The Northern BPC was established in 2010 as part of the Pharma-2020 Strategy. In 2012 the BioPharmCluster became a part of the innovative Phystech XXI cluster which was on the list of pilot innovative cluster projects finalised by the Russian Government. The Cluster is supported in its activities by the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the Moscow Region authorities and the administrations of Dolgoprudny and Khimki. The cluster comprises over forty pharmaceutical and medical companies, including, among others, GC Protek, OJSC Akrikhin, NPO ChemRar High-Tech Center, Federal Research Centre Pharmzaschita, Geropharm, Altonika, Neurocom, the First Moscow State Medical University n.a. Sechenov and the Neurology Research Center.


PhysTechBio is an annual conference organised at the Northern BioPharmCluster. It is the largest conference on life sciences at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The main topic of all the past PhysTechBio conferences is development of cooperation between sciences and industries for the benefit of the nation. PhysTechBio conferences serve as a ground for discussions about development and application of the latest achievements in life sciences as well as opportunities for cross-disciplinary projects. PhysTechBio conferences are recognised by the scientific community and welcome over 500 delegates each year including leading scientists, top managers of pharmaceutical and medical companies, representatives of federal and regional ministries and departments. Over the years, it had such renowned participants as Nobel Prize winners Michael Levitt, Robert Huber and Barry Sharpless. The conference is organised by the Development Centre for the Northern Biopharmaceutical Cluster and the Life Sciences Center at MIPT.

The Charles Heidelberger Symposiums are annually organised in memory of Charles Heidelberger, the former president of the American Association for Cancer Research, a member of the National Academy of Science, U.S.A., an eminent scientist in the fields of chemotherapy and carcinogenesis. The Symposium traditionally brings together scientists from all over the world, so that they could share their achievements and discuss the progress made both in fundamental sciences and in clinical testing. This part of the program is organised by the PhysTechBio Conference in partnership with the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics (Novosibirsk).
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