11/27/2017 11:30:40

Phystech.Arctic: New MIPT building unveiled

On Nov. 23, MIPT unveiled Phystech.Arctic, a new study and laboratory building. It will house the laboratories of MIPT’s Institute of Arctic Technology, as well as the Center for Engineering and Technology of Hard-To-Recover Natural Resources.

The ceremony was attended by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Konstantin Novoselov, presidential adviser Vladislav Surkov, Russian Deputy Ministers of Education Ludmila Ogorodova and Grigory Trubnikov, RVC General Director Alexander Povalko, Mayor of Dolgoprudny Oleg Troitskiy, and MIPT Rector Nikolay Kudryavtsev.

In his address, Vladislav Surkov stressed the status of the Arctic as a key region for Russia: “The North holds an enormous potential. The future of our country — a northern country — is in embracing the northern territories, including the Arctic. The North is where our frontiers lie, and where natural resources are. I am glad that MIPT remains in the vanguard of the national policy: It is the first to plunge where others will follow, ensuring our security and the access to natural resources. There is much work to be done, and in this endeavor, we are counting on MIPT researchers and faculty.”

Rector Nikolay Kudryavtsev expressed his gratitude to those who made the new MIPT building a reality, noting that the Arctic is becoming a prominent part on the institute’s research agenda: “We are prioritizing three lines of research: telecommunications, autonomous energy production, and extreme medicine. MIPT is a hub for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, driving the development of next-generation Arctic technology.”

In addition to laboratories, the new building will house state-of-the-art classrooms and office spaces for the tech companies collaborating with MIPT on the Arctic program.

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