An open doors day took place at MIPT

An open doors day took place at MIPT — on Sunday, April 6, the university welcomed several thousand prospective students, parents and guests who were interested in education and science at MIPT.  

The prime event commenced at 9.30 a.m. in the main building at the booths of the departments. Student volunteers not only willingly spoke to their future fellow students about studying and living at MIPT, but also demonstrated experiments and shared experiences they have acquired in the process of student life, and even their own inventions.

The open doors day was both useful and nutritious for the incoming students: the representatives  of the Department of General and Applied Physics distributed candy with the faculty logo — cat, and the representatives of the Department of Problems in Physics and Energetics offered homemade ice cream with vanilla, made on the spot ​​using liquid nitrogen.

Departments-experimenters were able to show many things live: at the booth of the Department of General and Applied Physics all girls who were interested could get their hair pulled up with a magnetic field, the Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering, in an easy and accessible manner, demonstrated how a wing functions, and the room of the "chemical" departments – the Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics, Department of Molecular and Biological Physics, Department of Nano-, Bio-, Informational and Cognitive Technologies, could be located from far away by scent–so much was being brewed and boiled. A flight helmet was offered to be tried on by Evgeniy Lebedev, the director of flight training at the Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering, and by student-pilot Alena Sorokina, who in August of last year participated in exhibition flights at MAKS-2013 air show as a member of the piloting team "Rus."

At the Department of Physical and Quantum Electronics and the Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics the students were shown electronic devices and working models based on microchips, and the Department of Innovation and High Technologies stood out by having an impressive and attractive partner booth: what high-school student does not want to work for "Yandex"?

"You come to the enterprise where everything worked incorrectly, you prepare the software and establish an integrated approach for an effective management of the enterprise—and everything starts to work," explained the representatives of the Department of Innovation and High Technologies to the prospective students.

Indeed, despite roses that were frozen in liquid nitrogen and broken on the head of the neighbors, the incoming students were feeling more pragmatic than romantic.

"Modern applicants are mainly interested in money and prospects–so this is what we talk about," explained to the press service Andrei, a volunteer from the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research booth.

In the main physics auditorium the docent of the Department of General Physics Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ovchinkin held a traditional demonstration of physics experiments, which generated a traditional full house: prospective students continued arriving to the room, but it was no longer possible to enter — people were standing in the aisle, in the doorways and behind the doorways, raising their heads trying to be able to get a glimpse from behind their friends.

Nevertheless, most popular was the speech of the MIPT rector, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Nikolaevich Kudryavtsev, and vice-rector for academic affairs and pre-university raining, holder of the Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Degree Artem Anatolievich Voronov, in the Concert Hall.  The audience sat on the steps, stood in the aisles, and it even seemed as if they were hanging from the chandeliers.

The rector presented the deans of the departments and talked about how MIPT is currently changing and about the plans for the development of science and education in the coming years. He focused on the construction of new buildings—academic and residential, as well as on the development of science at the MIPT campus in Dolgoprudnyi.

"Sometimes when you start with a clean slate you can be faster, more efficient and better.  Right now we have this opportunity, an indulgence for a significant expansion of the scientific base on the MIPT campus. We are consulting with a very broad range of creative people and we have all the necessary skills for achieving success in this endeavor," summed up the rector.

The open doors day concluded with meetings with the department deans, where prospective students who have made their choice were able to ask more detailed questions about their future studies.

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