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Moscow Workshops opens registration for spring boot camp for competitive programmers at MIPT

From March 9-17, MIPT will hold the Moscow Pre-Finals Workshop ICPC for the seventh time. This boot camp provides training for teams participating in the global finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest, to be held March 31 through April 5 in Porto, Portugal. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will be represented by the team Shock Content: Andrey Sergunin, Ilya Stepanov, and Evgeny Belykh, who placed second in the ICPC semifinals — the Northern Eurasia Contest.

The spring boot camp will welcome the strongest competitive programmers hailing from China, Mexico, the U.S., and elsewhere. Training proceeds in two divisions: The ICPC finalists in the 2018-19 season will be preparing in Division A, whereas the teams that didn’t make it into the finals this time, but seek training opportunities before the next season, are allocated to Division B. The language of the boot camp is English.

“Over the past six years, Moscow Workshops ICPC has been helping students fulfill the dream that every competitive programmer has: earn a medal at ICPC, the world’s biggest programming contest,” said Alexey Maleev, the project’s founder. “The spring boot camp is held annually in the runup to the ICPC World Finals. It is the last opportunity for the finalists to prepare, so we run our most efficient and intensive study program, which will ensure a successful performance.”

To sign up for the boot camp, visit the website of the project.

Moscow Workshops ICPC is an educational project based at MIPT that holds six competitive programming boot camps per year in Russia, Belarus, India, and Spain. These events aim to prepare students for ICPC. Shortly before Northern Eurasia Contest — the ICPC semifinals — MIPT hosted an international workshop attended by students from 15 countries. Also, in February, Moscow Workshops will hold its first boot camp in China.

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