04/19/2018 16:44:01

MIPT Wins Gold in ACM ICPC Programming World Cup

Today in Beijing ended the most prestigious collegiate programming contest ACM ICPC World Finals. More than 140 teams from 51 countries including 11 teams from Russia participated in it. 

Russian teams outshining all others - four of thirteen medals along with the World Cup went to Russia. Moscow State University team become a world champion. MIPT team, which consisted of Alexander Ostanin, Alexander Golovanov and Nikita Uvarov won one gold medal and came second in the overall standings. ITMO University and the Urals Federal University teams won bronze medals. USA and China totaled 3 medals each. Japan, Korea and Lithuania each won one medal.

MIPT team successfully solved eight tasks and was the first team to solve problem E. Throughout the 5-hour contest our team being first in the rankings. But in the last two minutes, Moscow’s SU Red Panda team, consisting of Mikhail Ipatov, Vladislav Makeev and Grigory Reznikov solved another task, and this propelled them to a last minute overall victory.

‘Today the MIPT team won gold in the world’s main programming contest. This proves that our country’s educational standards in programming are among the very best in the world. We congratulate the Cryptozoology team and all Russian programmers!” – said Nikolay Kudryavtsev, MIPT rector.

"This year there are a large number of strong teams. Apart from traditional universities from Saint Petersburg, there were also highly talented students from Poland and Korea. The contest is held at a high level at Peking University, and the host has made considerable effort to ensure a high level of organization. The two leading universities from Moscow (MIPT and MSU) achieved good results at the start of the contest. I would like to note that compared to all other cities of the world, the number of universities from Moscow which participated in the contest was the largest: four universities are representing our region. The MIPT team achieved a good result, they were aiming for victory for the entire year, and at NEERC (the ICPC semi-final) they became undisputed champions. Now they won the Golden Medal at the international level. Their result was the best one in the history of MIPT participation in competitions. Congratulations to the Cryptozoology team! We are proud of our students," said Alexey Maleev, the Cryptozoology team leader and technology entrepreneurship director at MIPT.

On 31 March – 1 April MosCode Festival, a student contest, organized by MIPT’s IT-Education Development Center took place in Moscow. The tournament was seen as the dress rehearsal for ACM ICPC. 10 out of Beijing’s medal winners took part in the Moscow event. MIPT’s Cryptozoology team was supported by MIPT’s endowment fund.

ACM ICPC  is one of the world’s main programming contests for students. This academic year, more than 300,000 students from 6 continents took part in the event. The contest has its roots in the competition organized by Texas University in the 1970s. Now the tournament is organized under the auspices of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). In previous years, such companies as Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, IBM and JetBrains were among the sponsors of the event. Each team consists of 3 students. Only college students (and graduate students in their 1st academic year) are allowed to participate. Two-time participants in the final stage of the Olympiad, as well as five-time participants in the regional preliminary rounds, are not allowed to participate. Also, there exists an age limit: contestants over 24 are not allowed. Olympiad’s rounds are organized in the following fashion. Each team is given one PC and 8 to 12 tasks, whose terms are written in English. These are to be solved within 5 hours. It is worth mentioning that the solutions are to be submitted not as a plain text. They are written in C, C++ or Java programming languages and sent over to the testing server. 

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