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MIPT takes part in World Festival of Youth and Students

From Oct. 14 to 22, the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS) was held in Sochi, Russia. The festival is a major international event featuring an educational and discussion program in multiple subject areas. MIPT students and professors actively participated in the WFYS.

One of the main subject areas of the festival, science, was presented at the opening ceremony by Artem Oganov, the head of the Computational Materials Design Laboratory. He talked about his research and the recent scientific developments in Russia and abroad. 

The festival featured daily events at more than 150 educational venues grouped by subject area. WFYS was attended by over 11,000 people. MIPT displayed two exhibit items: a research facility based on a small unmanned aerial vehicle and a prototype semisubmersible icebreaker supply ship. 

Dmitry Zubtsov, director of analytics at MIPT, spoke in the “Future of Science and Global Education” session. He presented the findings of a study that examined the barriers in science that are experienced by young Russian researchers. Besides that, he talked about the results of a similar poll conducted among the participants of the festival from outside Russia. In this context, Maxim Nikitin, the head of the Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology at MIPT, discussed the various hurdles slowing down the purchase of chemical reagents needed for research.


Most of the students representing MIPT came from the departments of Aerophysics and Space Research, and Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering. They joined the “Aviation of the Future” session to team up with young researchers from other universities and tech companies and develop a shared vision of the aviation industry of tomorrow. On the last day of WFYS, students representing individual subject areas presented the results of the work of their respective groups in a session called “The Youth of 2030: A Vision of the Future,” which was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Maxime Lenormand, a graduate student of the Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées in Paris, is a training program at MIPT’s Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering. He talked about the likely trends in the aviation industry: “We think the future of aviation lies in new concepts such as low-boom supersonic aircraft. But we also think we are going to continue to optimize the current designs we have today to make them cheaper, more affordable, and more comfortable for the passengers.” Lenormand added that aviation has to keep in step with the time. “We're also going to have new tools such as artificial intelligence, or AI, to help our engineers to make faster prototypes and help them in decision making. And finally, we have to rethink the factories of today, make them smart, use new materials, use new tools such as 3-D printing to go faster,” stressed the student.

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