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MIPT partners with conference on machine learning in art

On March 16-17, Artplay — an art venue in Moscow — will host the conference Daemons in the Machine: Anticipating Artificial Intelligence. Invited experts and event participants will discuss how art helps overcome the fear of new technology. Project iPavlov of MIPT’s Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab is a scientific partner of the conference.

Photo. Austrian artist Thomas Feuerstein. Source: Laboratoria Art&Science Foundation

The conference is devoted to the study and application of artificial intelligence in modern art. Three sections are on the program:
• Borgy&Bes — presentation and interpretation of an art object.
• The art of AI: problems and prospects.
• The future of the museum, the artist, and the tech company in the wake of AI.

Borgy&Bes is a robotic art installation that makes use of neural networks. The piece was created by Austrian artist Thomas Feuerstein in collaboration with researchers from MIPT’s Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab and Kurchatov Institute’s Robotics Laboratory. The choreography of the lamplike robotic objects in the installation is controlled by the machines themselves. They also have a voice of their own.

MIPT experts have challenged machine learning enthusiasts to come up with algorithms for endowing the robotic lamps with the literary >

One of the conference experts is Mikhail Burtsev, who heads the iPavlov project and the neural networks laboratory at MIPT. The event is a way for researchers to learn about the vision and experiments of the artists, while also sharing with them the advanced machine learning concepts and the latest AI solutions developed in the field.

The conference is open for everyone, but it is necessary to register in advance.

This event is held in preparation to the Daemons in the Machine exhibition, which opens Oct. 4 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and lasts until Nov. 11.

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