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MIPT opens admissions for 2018-2019

On June 20, MIPT opened admission to English-taught and Russian-taught bachelor’s, and Russian-taught master’s, doctoral degree programs. To submit your application and the supporting documents, go to the fifth floor of the Main Building or contact our International Students Office by email at intoff@mipt.ru. You will also find a board with useful information about the admission on the fifth floor of the Main Building.

If you are applying to a bachelor’s program, here is a list of things to do that will guide you through the admissions process:

1. Consider your future profession and where you could apply your knowledge.
2. Choose a program: MIPT has seven academic divisions — six Phystech schools and one institute — offering undergraduate programs. Each of them has several educational programs.
3. Select a program or major and the type of the position: paid or state-funded. English-taught programs are available for aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, and computer science. MIPT also offers undergraduate degrees in applied mathematics and physics, applied mathematics and computer science, computer science and engineering, system analysis and management, technical physics, and biotechnology.
4. Fill out the applicant’s form online. It will serve as the basis of your application.
5. Pass MIPT’s admission tests.
6. Submit your documents to the admissions committee. A standard set of documents includes a passport, high school diploma and transcript, and the application. Copies of the documents suffice for filing an application, but the originals of the documents certifying high school graduation will be required for enrollment. Additional credentials should be enclosed to support a claim for special privileges or certify personal achievements. International students can submit their applications by email, along with the accompanying documents. The dates of the admission campaign are indicated in the schedule (see the table).
7. Schedule and take the interview. The interviews are an Institute tradition, which serves to make our prospective students familiar with their Phystech Schools of choice and help them decide on the course of study.
8. Find your name on the official list of admitted students.
9. Get ready: Your student life is about to begin!

Important information:
• Submit the documents in person, by email, or through an authorized representative carrying an attested power of attorney, unless you are a non-Russian citizen, in which case you can apply by email.
• Choose as many as three study options for application, but no more.
• Apply to paid and state-funded positions at the same time.

The Institute’s website has a section with the answers to frequently asked questions.

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