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MIPT hosts Moscow International Workshop ICPC for programmers

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology brings together students from across the world for a competitive programming boot camp Nov. 6-13. This is the sixth time that Moscow International Workshop ICPC will be held on the MIPT campus in Dolgoprudny.

The international workshop is a programming boot camp for university students preparing for various stages of the International Collegiate Programming Contest, or ICPC. The Russian teams with ICPC victories behind them will share their experience with students from other countries. The language of the training sessions is English.

The training program features daily five-hour contests, their analysis with coaches, and lectures by programming gurus. In their free time, the participants can exercise, play sports, games, or take a guided tour around Moscow.

“The opportunity to travel and get acquainted with the cultures of different countries is one of the most important advantages of the international educational project Moscow Workshops ICPC. We hold ICPC boot camps six times a year, with the best coaches sharing the experience of the Russian teams that won the contest,” said the workshop’s founder Alexey Maleev, who serves as MIPT’s vice rector for international programs and technological entrepreneurship.

The strongest teams aiming to compete in the ICPC finals will be training in Division A, while those that are preparing for a regional stage of the contest are allocated to Division B.

The boot camp’s chief contest moderator is Oleg Khristenko, the coordinator of the Pankratiev Open Cup and the chief editor of SnarkNews.info. The participants will also train with Mikhail Tikhomirov, a Topcoder Open and Russian Code Cup 2014-2015 finalist and a highly experienced coach preparing the MIPT team Jinotega, which won gold at last year’s ICPC.

Maleev added that every year the project is expanding to include more nations. Thus, the anniversary boot camp in 2017 featured 63 teams from 39 universities in 17 countries. Besides Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, the participants hailed from Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Morocco, India, China, Iran, and Kuwait.

Teams can sign up for the boot camp online.

As of Nov. 1, the participation fee is $515-$730, discounts are available.

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