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MIPT and HUAWEI started cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence

Russia’s Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research under the National Technology Initiative based on MIPT and Huawei agreed to cooperate. As a first step, Huawei has already translated into Chinese the Artificial Intelligence report (Almanac), released by the Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research in June. Based on this report, Chinese experts will better learn about the leaders of the Russian AI industry and will be able to find new partnerships.

The first Almanac provides an overview of the current state of the AI industry in Russia and worldwide, including core technologies and applications, key companies, universities, and people — both researchers and opinion leaders. The main topic of the issue is Strategy - the report analyzes the situation in the world, reviews the strategies of the main countries, and discusses a possible strategy of Russia in the field of AI. 

"The lack of high-quality information leads to potential errors in management decisions,” says Igor Pivovarov, Chief analyst of the Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research. “We gathered all the information about the state of the AI ​​industry in Russia and made a first class analytical report. We are confident that this will contribute to the growth of the market and the adoption of the right management decisions at all levels”.
"Huawei brings Pervasive Intelligent Computing with Chip Innovation to solve different tasks of the customers. That’s why we are interested in different partnerships in the field of AI", - MR Liuyu (Leo), Head of Russian Intelligent Computing Business Department (Eurasia Region)

The report was prepared with the participation of MIPT, HSE, Skoltech and analytical team IP Laboratory. The work was supported by Sberbank, Analytical Center of the Russian Government and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications. An electronic copy of the report can be downloaded on the website.

MIPT gears its educational, social, scientific, and innovation projects toward the specific sustainable development goals put forward by the United Nations.

The Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research was established on the basis of leading Russian university MIPT in 2017 as part of the implementation of the National Technological Initiative programs. The activity is focused on the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their various applications. The center also issues analytical reports.

Huawei is a leading provider of information and communications technology solutions. Huawei's activities are focused on building ICT infrastructure and smart devices. The company contributes to the digital transformation of business customers and seeks to be the best strategic partner and reliable brand for its customers. 

Huawei launched into the international market Atlas solutions AI-based product series in 2018. As part of its full-stack AI portfolio, Huawei Ascend AI IP and chip series, the world's first AI IP and chip series that natively serves all scenarios, providing optimal TeraOPS per watt. The Ascend series delivers excellent performance per watt in every scenario, whether it’s minimum energy consumption or maximum computing power in data centers. Their unified architecture also makes it easy to deploy, migrate, and interconnect AI applications across different scenarios.

AI-based solutions have been used in Shenzhen, China to solve the problem of urban road congestion. Shenzhen uses AI to solve the problem of urban road congestion. As a large city with a population of more than 21 million people and 3.35 million cars, Shenzhen’s population density and vehicle density are the first in China. Shenzhen's average evening peak speed was about 26 km/h. In the face of traffic congestion in Shenzhen, we rely on Atlas's AI processing capacity to achieve automatic optimization of signal control through real-time online data analysis, second-rate decision-making and regional co-optimization. Through the collection of comprehensive data such as traffic lights, electronic police, traffic monitoring, Shenzhen successfully turns reactive "cars wait for lights" into proactive "lights watch over cars", reducing the average congestion time in the Longgang Bantian area by 17.7%.

IP Laboratory is an analytical and consulting team of experts in the field of high technologies, education, innovations and investments. The company issues analytical reports, works with universities and government institutions, organizes educational programs, seminars and conferences, including OpenTalks.AI – leading independent Russian conference on AI.

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