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MIPT among 300 top schools in Times Higher Education general ranking

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has maintained its status as the second Russian university in the Times Higher Education ranking.

On Sept. 26, the British magazine Times Higher Education released its ranking of the best universities in the world. At No. 251-300, MIPT is the second-highest-ranking Russian school on the list of 1,250 institutions from 86 countries. Among them are 35 universities based in Russia, up from last year’s 27. Lomonosov Moscow State University placed at No.199. The Higher School of Economics was ranked 300-350th, and MEPhI came in at No. 350-400. The complete ranking is available from THE online.

“The present position of MIPT in the rankings and the Institute’s reputation attract a growing number of talented students: The average admission score in 2018 is 96.4, two points higher than in the previous year,” says MIPT Rector Nikolay Kudryavtsev. “This has been made possible by a consolidated effort of our leading laboratories working in the priority fields of artificial intelligence, quantum technology, genetics and aging, and promising two-dimensional materials.”

“For each priority field, we open labs at MIPT and cooperate actively both with the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and with leading research centers abroad, where our alumni have taken up prominent positions,” Kudryavtsev goes on. “For example, in 2D materials research, we foster a successful collaboration with the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester. Gratifyingly, Andre Geim, who heads that institute, has acknowledged the level of the laboratories established here in his recent interview.”

“In this year’s THE ranking, MIPT has advanced in terms of most rating criteria. We placed 101st based on the quality of instruction and 155th based on research potential,” comments Vitaliy Bagan, the Institute’s vice rector for fundamental science and development. “As we create new education programs and launch new lines of research, we put an emphasis on ambitious young faculty members. Thus, in 2014, MIPT opened the Nanobiotechnology Lab, headed by Maxim Nikitin, a recipient of the Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists. We also make an effort to reclaim Russian researchers working abroad. In this year alone, 10 scientists have returned from the U.S., Germany, Britain, and elsewhere to set up their research groups at MIPT.”

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