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Last chance to become an MIPT student

MIPT has extended the admission dedadline for its first three English-taught undergraduate programs until September, 23 2018. These are full-time four-year bachelor’s degree programs in computer science, aerospace engineering, and biomedical engineering. To apply for the program of your interest, register on the project’s website: https://bachelor-ph.mipt.ru/

MIPT prepares students for graduate school or a career that allows them to apply their knowledge to an ever-changing technological climate in business and the industry. Among the Institute’s staff and graduates are many scientific luminaries, including ten Nobel laureates.

Top 10 facts about MIPT

  • 10 Nobel laureates among professors and alumni

  • More than 6,800 students from 46 countries

  • Academic staff of over 90 Russian Academy of Sciences academicians and corresponding members

  • Over 80 featured science labs

  • No. 11 in the THE ranking of universities in BRICS countries

  • 2nd Russian university in THE overall rankings

  • No. 2 in rankings by admission scores in Russia

  • 10 MIPT graduates included in the Russian Forbes ranking

  • MIPT graduates are the first among the highest-paid in the IT industry, according to Superjob rankings

  • 3 international subject rankings list MIPT among top 100 universities: QS and THE for physics and computer science

MIPT offers the following three English-taught Bachelor of Science degree programs:

Computer science

Students master the concepts and skills needed for designing, programming, and implementing information systems to solve real-world problems, while also acquiring a strong background in mathematics for scientific applications (math track) or finance for management information (fintech track). By concentrating on the fundamental concepts of computer science, students are prepared to make a significant impact in their fields of choice.

Download information brochure about the program

Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is MIPT’s oldest program. Students explore what makes flight possible and how air- and spacecraft are manufactured, powered, operated, and maintained. This program provides practical training with a commercial slant, enabling the graduates to succeed in this high-tech field. Students completing the program will be able to use their degrees as a launching pad for securing professional positions in the aerospace industry, government, and business or pursuing advanced studies in graduate school.

Download information brochure about the program

Biomedical engineering

This degree program combines elements from a variety of disciplines, including biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, and engineering. Students will learn how to use this knowledge to create medical applications that improve our quality of life. MIPT offers a hugely varied field of study in this program, so students can specialize in the area that appeals to them the most. The objects of undergraduate training on the biomedical engineering program are devices, systems, complexes, and basic medical technologies, as well as methods of research and information processing in practical health care and various fields of biomedical research.

Download information brochure about the program

To apply for the program of your interest, register on the project’s website: https://bachelor-ph.mipt.ru/

You are welcome to come to MIPT and experience the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and social consciousness that invigorates our research and enlivens our campus.

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