08/15/2018 13:20:44

Join the Conversational Intelligence Challenge 2

MIPT invite developers of dialogue systems to join the Second Edition of NIPS Conversational Intelligence Challenge until September, 30. This year the task for a chatbot is to get to know the other speaker and tell about itself. The winning entry will receive $20,000 in Mechanical Turk funding – in order to encourage further data collection for dialogue research.

NIPS Conversational Intelligence Challenge is an open competition for developers of dialogue systems that designed to compare and develop new efficient methods for non-goal-oriented dialogue systems (chit-chat models). Traditionally, chatbot technology was developed using sets of conversational rules, which were fine-tuned manually. Now, given the availability of large collections of real human conversations on the web, models can deduce these rules automatically. However, the result depend on the amount and the quality of data used to train the models. This is why the participation of human volunteers is critical for the success of the competition.

Please join our effort to create an open dataset for the development of the next generation of conversational AI solutions and donate your dialogues via the @ConvaiBot on Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

The competition is organised by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the University of Montreal, McGill University, and Carnegie Mellon University in partnership with Facebook. See more details on convai.io

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