03/26/2019 16:01:28

International students get tuition fee waiver at MIPT

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has offered a range of tuition fee waivers to attract talented prospective students from abroad and reward them for high academic results.

Types of tuition fee waivers:
  • 10 percent for those completing an internship or participating in a summer or winter school at MIPT.
  • 15 percent for applicants scoring more than 85 points out of 100 in the admission tests.
  • 20 percent for those graduating from an undergraduate, graduate, or pre-university program at MIPT.
  • 20 percent for students and graduates of partner universities and foreign MIPT students on joint programs and international academic mobility programs. The discount applies to the next tier of education after the one granting the discount.
  • 20 percent for academic performance: scoring 7 or more in all exams and final tests over the two most recent semesters, having no outstanding (or settled) academic debts or incurred disciplinary action.

Waivers for olympiad winners:
  • 100 percent for the winners and runners-up in IMO, IOI, IAO, IOAA, IChO, IPhO, EuPhO, Romanian Masters, and International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad.
  • 50 percent for the winners and 20 percent for the runners-up in the Phystech Olympiad, as well as 10 percent for the winners and runners-up in any of the contest’s qualifying rounds.
  • 25 percent for the winners and 15 percent for the runners-up in IEPhO; IJSO; IATI; the International Space Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (Russia); International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (Kazakhstan); Phystech.International; Open Doors; “I’m a Professional”; and the final and pre-final stages of national school student olympiads.

To receive a tuition fee waiver, an applicant or student needs to submit an application to the administration of the Phystech School of interest. More details are available in the text of the provision (available in Russian).

Please direct all your questions to the MIPT International Office.
Email: interadmission@phystech.edu
Phone: (+7-498) 713-9170

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